How Did They Do It?

I’ve always wondered how my parents did it. How they managed to raise three kids who are just 3-years apart. How they were able to afford to enroll all of us in private schools and be able to go to college. How they managed to purchase our first house in Cavite or afford a second hand car when Ina was just earning 4000php a month and Ama was just starting to have his small business. Although I don’t exactly know the answer, I knew my parents had a good team work, add to that their faith and how they always give back from every blessing that they receive.

When I was still in college, I strive to do good because I wanted to be like my parents. I want to be like them when I start to raise a family of my own. I want to have what they achieved without asking anything from them, to be able to “make it” independently. I am about to start planning my wedding come 2015 so I guess it’s just normal that I’m already thinking about this. And my fiance also have the exact same thoughts so I’m really blessed to have him in my life.

Planning a wedding and building a home takes a lot of sacrifice. The expensive dinners, the frequent travels and the amount of shopping have lessened to give way to more important things. It’s really hard, but it gets better when your partner in life is willing to sacrifice with you. Nayj knows how to handle money and how to really save, which I learned a lot from him. Thank God, because you know me, I love clothes and shoes and bags and I wouldn’t be able to live without shopping for anything. I can say that I’ve improved. I used to just shop with my credit card and not a care in the world, hoard and buy things that I don’t even need. Now, it’s all save save save!

We’re saving a lot for wedding expenses. We want to have a nice wedding, not a lavish one, but something that both our families would remember. I am the last one to be married in our family, and this will be the first in Nayj’s side of the family. We want to afford an intimate church wedding with a nice reception and share it with our family and our closest friends. I’ve read about a lot of wedding articles and blogs and how much most have cost, maybe just a rough estimate, but I don’t think I would go THAT far. You know me, if I can see a unique and one-of-a-kind dress in an ukay-ukay, I’d rather buy that than indulge in a simple dress from a high-end store. I guess you can say that’s how I view my planning for my wedding.

We want to complete everything in our home by the time our wedding month starts. That means, after the wedding reception, we already have a place to crash, with interiors, furnitures and all, that we can call “OURS”. This idea wasn’t in my head if you ask me two years ago. It was Nayj’s. He already wants a place of our own even when we weren’t even engaged yet. Imagine my panic when he talks about buying a house when I don’t even have a guarantee that I’m going to marry him! But he has that mindset, which I love. He thinks about the future, what could or would happen, and the most important thing is, he thought about his future with me in it.

This year is about to end. Which means our toughest year is about to start. I know it wouldn’t be easy and we will be ready for the hardest part. We have faith, we have our biggest support group and of course, we have each other. I hope this formula would work, just how my parents did it. I want to come back to this blog post, five years from now, and wonder how we managed and how far we’ve been since.

So, this is how growing up feels. It’s nice. Only a bit scarier. But nice.