The Married Life

It has been almost a month since Nayj and I tied the knot. I had a wonderful and magical wedding, well, at least from my point of view. I promise that I will create a separate blog post about our special day. I’m still waiting for the beautiful photos from Joch Studio.

Anyway, I haven’t changed my status legally because I am still waiting for our marriage certificate but a lot has changed since December 19, 2015. For once, we are both finally residing on the same house. That same house in Bellefort Estates which we have purchased two years ago to get ready for our marriage. It was one of the best investment decisions we’ve made because we don’t have to worry about where we would live after the wedding. And also, it gives less headache from our parents and guardians about how we’ll be as a married couple.

I have been sheltered all my life. Having lived with my parents for 28 years, sharing the house with two brothers and being the only girl, I admit that I am a bit spoiled and haven’t shared a lot of responsibilities at home. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t know anything about household chores. Since we were little, our mother has taught us the basics like washing dishes and ironing clothes but I didn’t get to learn a lot about cooking and doing laundry. I guess those weren’t very interesting for me. Well, what’s interesting about chores anyway, right?

Since we’ve moved at our home, I have been learning how to cook. I even created a hashtag for that: #nessatriestocook. For a month, I learned a few basic Filipino dishes such as Chopsuey, Munggo Guisado, Pork Steak, Menudo, Beef Giniling and Beef Tacos. I still have a lot to learn, honestly. And I am still on the process of always impressing my husband with my cooking skills. Well, almost there.

For laundry, we’ve bought a very efficient Samsung Front-Load washer which has a spin dryer so laundry isn’t that difficult at all. I guess our washer spoils us too. It’s also a great investment because it does not consume a lot of water and soap and it would only take you less than two hours to get one big hamper worth of laundry done. That’s like one week worth of clothes!

When I am home the whole day, I usually do a lot of chores. My schedule at work lately gave me some time off during the weekdays because I work during weekends. So when that happens and I am just home alone, what else do you do? Do chores and make sure your house is clean! And since the whole house is ours, now I understand all the pagtitipid that my parents taught me when I was little. Since we pay our groceries now (which costs a lot of money for just two weeks worth of groceries, by the way!), you have to make sure that everything get used up efficiently. Nothing goes straight to the trash if they’re not fully consumed and you make sure you cook everything fresh in the fridge, no food gets spoiled. And OMG, I eat left over foods now because, as they say, sayang.

We are still adjusting with our finances because for the first time in our lives, we are now paying our own Meralco, water, subdivision association dues, PLDT and groceries! Summing all those up costs a lot so those extra blessings that our wedding guests gave during the wedding really helped a lot. No shopping for ourselves yet, just for our house for now. Then I guess we’ll settle in after a few months.

Everything’s very new to me. But I am enjoying every bit of it. The most important part of the day is when Nayj and I come home and cook our dinner together. Even when I work on nightshift, I wait for him to come home at around 7PM and then we eat dinner together. It’s something that I’d like to impose when we have children one day. Time is the most important. And being with my husband all the time makes everything lighter and of course, just happy.

More posts about all the adjusting in the next few weeks, I guess. Something worth reading back after a year. Enjoy!


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