One of Each

Ever since we found out were pregnant with twins, we always wanted to have one of each – a boy and a girl. When our doctor said they can be fraternal, it seems that the possibility increased and we were hopeful. Their heartbeat always differ when the OB gets to hear them through the doppler. The other one always have a faster heartbeat, and their heartbeat pitch were always different. I though, those are another sign that maybe they may be a boy and a girl. 

They always say that the mom’s instinct of their baby’s gender is usually accurate even before the much awaited ultrasound. I ask my friends who were mommies too and most of their gut feel were correct. Nayj and I have the same prediction even before. We waited until 24 weeks to finally know the gender. Each week felt longer and this afternoon, we finally knew that were having one of each!

I was playing with Seppe last weekend when I saw his Lego toys and decided to do the gender reveal in social media through Legos. I made different options, two boys, two girls but I took this picture first because I kind of knew I’m going to use it. 

Anyway, at about 1pm today, Nayj and I went to Healthway Greenbelt for our 24-week ultrasound. I told the nurse to call my husband once he’s allowed to go in because it’ll be the first time we’ll know the gender. The OB-Sonologist called Nayj and she was thrilled when she knew I was carrying twins. She went and looked for Baby A, and she immediately said it’s a boy. I shrieked inside, because I always wanted to have a boy first. Now, the gender of Baby B can either be a boy and a girl and I’ll still be glad. And then she said it, “Baby B is a girl!” I got almost teary eyed but I was able to hold it and then Nayj said, “sabi ko sayo eh.” I kept smiling. We had the same gut feel ever since, hindi lang dahil yun ang gusto namin. At higit sa lahat, nadinig ni God and hiling namin! 

I’m sharing with you the ultrasound picture we had yesterday which I couldn’t decipher which was the genitalia part even if there’s an arrow. I am bad at ultrasound films. Haha.

I can’t believe I’m gonna carry twins early on in my pregnancy. Now I can’t believe I’m having one of each! The possibilities are endless! We are super blessed that God have been answering our prayers one by one. The coming months will be tough. My OB have advised me to go to her every two weeks already. We are hoping and praying that Nathan and Nayana would reach 37 weeks in my tummy. I can’t believe that’s 12 weeks away, guys! We’ll do this! ❤️


The Petty Struggles of A Young Pregnant Woman

Aside from growing pains and worries about what’s going on inside your womb, there are a lot of everyday struggles that every pregnant woman goes through. And if you’re like me who have been used to certain petty things I’ll discuss here before you got pregnant, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to share your own struggles.

I’ve used the “petty” word because this blog post is meant to be a little less serious than the usual struggles that pregnant women go through. Many people may find this mababaw or funny, but these are real struggles. You may roll your eyes now.

Shoe shopping, and removing shoes with straps. Have you ever went shoe shopping when pregnant? How hard was it to try on that cute little pair when you can’t even bend down like before? The assistance that salesladies offer which you used to decline before seems to be very helpful now. And because you’re pregnant, you’re looking for a pair that’s easy to wear or put on. No to any shoe with buckles because it’ll take you 30 minutes to put on. I once got dressed in a wedding and someone else has to buckle/unbuckle my 2-inch heels for me. It felt weird even if they offer and I never fail to say thank you. Oh and speaking of which, you have to resist the numerous heels on the racks because you’ll no longer able to wear them… for now at least. Thankfully, my feet hasn’t grown from its original size yet so I never felt the need to constantly wear a particular shoe. I can still wear my cute ones!

Dresses and Clothes in general. I was looking around stores earlier today and there were a lot of pretty ones that I really wanted to wear. The reason why I can’t is because it won’t fit me yet since I’m pregnant. As much as I want to just look at the maternity area, that section is just boring for me so I look for dresses in my usual shops like Forever 21, H&M, etc. I struggled so much on refraining myself for purchasing clothes for the sake of, “I can wear this post partum,” because really, how sure am I that I can go back to my previous size? I buy clothes as my belly grows and there are clothes that no longer fit my belly which I thought was maternity friendly. And as much I want to buy clothes for myself, I have to think of buying stuff for my future little ones very soon too. I love clothes.

What To Wear Every Morning. Speaking of clothes, we struggle to find what to wear every morning. Struggling what else fits, looking for a nice getup which won’t make us look huge than we already do. I actually just realized how dark clothes look better on pregnant women. I’m talking about black, midnight blue and if you’re looking for color, maroon works best. I seldom wear my colorful ones nowadays though. I look best on dark clothes these days. On casual and checkup days, I prefer wearing shorts or pants with a loose top. You’ll never know when the OB wants to check your belly. That way, I don’t have to put my skirt up or be almost half naked. Pulling up my shirt is easier and doesn’t require a lot of work right after.

Rain and Slippery Floors. My husband is always concerned about me when it rains. Our tiles in the garage is a little slippery so he always make sure he’s the one opening the gate. And being pregnant and wobbly as I am, I get paranoid when walking on wet pavements. I never was that type of person who’s afraid to walk on a drizzle because I know I’m not sakitin but because I have two extra little ones inside my belly, I am extra careful not to get sick even with just a simple flu.

Paranoia From People Running or Anyone Clumsy (like me!). I am paranoid with people rushing towards me because I always feel like they’re going to bump me. I keep my guards up and guard my belly just like how a turkey guard her eggs. Lol. I also hate it when people tend to not look at their surroundings when walking and you know they’re about to bump you. Please watch where you’re going! Fragile pregnant woman here.

Being extra careful with what you eat or what you use and the struggle of resisting cravings that’s bad for you. Whenever I’m in the groceries, I never thought there will come a time that I’ll look at the Nutrition Facts labels on food. I never thought I would read through the whole ingredients. I make sure I see less Sodium and won’t see any preservatives being added in there. I never was really strict about it though. My OB only restricts me on caffeine intake and eating anything raw. For others, just make sure I eat in moderation. It’s hard though when I crave certain junk foods, I do take little bites but that’s it. But every food or any product you buy, you always ask, “Is this good for me?” “Would it be bad for my baby?” Nowadays, you can’t really tell if all food are prepared safe, only if you’re the one who cooks them. But you know me, I only know the basics. 

Unsolicited advice. I never was a fan of pamahiin or people who do. I just nod at those who keeps telling me of certain pregnancy myths but never really take it to heart. I know they’re just concerned and all and may also be excited for you but sometimes, unsolicited advice gets too much. Some of my married friends even warned me, “mas lalo na when you’re kids are infants na, mas madaming suggestions.” Don’t get me wrong, I listen to suggestions as long as I know how important it is, especially if you’re kamag-anak and know where you’re coming from.

How about you? What are your struggles so far? I’m sure you’ll have additional on this list. Let me know! ❤️