Breastfeeding to Bottle Feeding

For the past two days, Nayj’s tita and I have been training Naya to drink breastmilk straight from the bottle. It has been a challenge for her as she refuses the bottle for a long time now. We had no problems with Nate as he can alternate between the bottle and the breast. But since I’ll be returning to work in less than three weeks, we opted to start training to Naya already. Plus, it’ll be less challenging on their future yaya to feed her if we start as early as now. I want to be the one to train her.

When I left for a short errand last Sunday, they mentioned that Naya refuses the bottle and chose to sleep instead. She was crying the whole time. It’s sad to know. As much as I want her to feed straight from my breast, I had to stand my ground and train her for the bottle. Yesterday, she drank from the bottle twice, also with a lot of crying, but only finished 2 oz instead of 3 oz. For today, I thought of having her bottle feed from 5am-5pm and then continue latching during evenings. She had three bottles now, she finished the first and second bottle, with the same amount of cry (haha), for only 2 oz just like yesterday. And now I felt so proud of her for finishing the third 3 oz bottle, straight, no cries, and felt asleep right after. Yaaaay! I hope the rest of the week would be the same as her third bottle.

I also had a better pumping routine for the meantime while I’m still on maternity leave. So that my stored breastmilk stash would be untouched, I opted to pump, pour the freshly pumped milk in their bottle and use it for their next feeding. I did this every three hours. And then by 5pm, they latch on me. My next pumping session by 8pm, while they’re still asleep, would be stored in a bottle and put in the refrigerator for their 6am feeding the next day.

How about you? Please share some tips on how you started training your baby from the breast to the bottle.


The Twins’ 2nd Month

They turned two months last January 8. And because we were in Pansol for a family outing, I wasn’t able to create an artsy picture for them. Instead, I posted a Boomerang post with their synced gestures. 

Aren’t they the cutest? 

Anyway, I can’t imagine I’m already a mom for two months already. That’s how long I am surviving with little to no sleep, feeling a bit miserable sometimes and always in need of someone to assure me that everything’s going to be okay. Although sometimes, I am still that someone. 

The twins have grown immensely. Sometimes I can’t believe my eyes. You’ll only realize it when they’re starting to fit in their sleepsuits suitable for three months old. Their sleeping patterns are still a mess, my baby boy is still clingy, and I haven’t had a mani/pedi for the longest time. 

I only have a month before I return from my maternity leave. Honestly, I do miss work. It feels weird. Am I a bad mom that I don’t feel sad at all for the fact that I am returning to work in a month? That I actually feel excited to sit in front of the computer and do what I usually do? I guess we all are different.

Last week, I finally found a yaya for Nate and Naya. Her name is Abby and she’s actually my second cousin. So far, she’s great at taking care of the twins, a fast learner and “may kusa”. I have a good feeling about her and I hope this feeling would last. The only con about her is that she’s ultimately shy that you can’t strike a conversation with her with more than two sentences. Yup, she’s more introvert than I am. But at least we found someone who can take care of the twins once I return to work.

As a twin mom, I sometimes feel like I don’t get to focus on each one of them as I always think about them at the same time. Do you know what I mean? Like if you have a single baby, you’re focus on their needs only. But for twins, you focus on what they both need, but you know that they’re still completely different and their needs are also different. I don’t know. Or maybe I’m too paranoid and again putting so much pressure on myself. 

I randomly put stories and thoughts I could think of when the twins reached their second month so I don’t know how to end this post. But thank you for reading and I am still hoping and praying that one day, Nate and Naya would miraculously sleep through the night. 

*fingers crossed*