The Twin Dad Life

I still remember that quiet morning in Healthway ATC while I was having my 6-week ultrasound. Right when we saw two sacs in the ultrasound monitor and I let out a loud gasp, you were quiet. I know you tend to overthink but I knew you were just mentally preparing yourself. Since we found out we were having twins, you’ve been a caring husband to me while I was pregnant, and have been a very hands on father to Nate and Naya. 

I miss you everyday, I always tell you that. Our days have been occupied with taking care of our twins that we rarely find time to spend “us” time. I miss our dates without hurrying back home wondering if the twins are okay. I miss going out with just the two of us, not minding where the elevator and stroll the mall with our huge stroller. Our new normal has been this way since November. We always tell each other that we’ll soon have our time back together after a couple of months. Our twins won’t be this needy after a couple of months. So for now, let’s stick to us being sneaky, like a short trip to the grocery where we can hold hands on the aisles or when we can quietly cuddle up at night until one of the twins wake up (again) to nurse.

Remember that afternoon on the day of our wedding? It poured so hard that God gave us twins for our first born. It was too much to handle, it was a lot of work, but since we work together as a team, I think were doing a pretty good job. Blessings have been pouring, coupled with lots of challenges but we’re pulling through. God knew we can handle them. 

Thank you for telling me to take my vitamins and milk everyday while I was pregnant. Thank you for being with me through those times with every checkup, every ultrasound and every lab tests. Thank you for rushing home on November 8th to make sure we’re okay before we head off to the hospital for my emergency CS. Thank you for telling me that I did a good job when the twins were a few minutes out. Thank you for pulling me up when I need to pee fresh from CS. Thank you for supporting my breastfeeding journey. Thank you for kissing me and rubbing my back everytime I tandem feed. Thank you for changing their diapers. Thank you for keeping me sane when both of them cries at night. Thank you for carrying the baby when you know I can’t handle it anymore. Thank you for letting me visit my parents in Silang whenever I want to. Thank you for driving us wherever we want to go. Thank you because you know your priorities and you have been very responsible. Your parents should be proud just how I’m proud of the man you’ve become. I’m sure the twins will be proud of their dad when they grow up.

Happy father’s day, luvee. I love you so much. Always and forever.


It Does Gets Easier

If you have been following my blog, you now know how I was struggling with taking care of twin babies as well as how challenging breastfeeding was. The twins just turned 7 months last week. I know, crazy fast right? And I can definitely say, it does gets easier and the first 6 months are always the hardest.

Ever since Nate and Naya started eating solids, I noticed how they’ve grown a lot – in weight and in height. They are now 7.2kg each, Naya stands 2 feet and Nate stands 2 feet and an inch tall. They have been eating mashed food so far such as avocado, papaya, sweet potato, potatoes and carrots. I have not been experimental yet with pureed foods but I will try to once I purchase a good working blender. I have been seeing recipes or tips in the Internet lately. And after the six month mark, I noticed that they were feeding less at night. They have reduced to two feedings each, which means I only get to wake up 4x a night now, yaaaay. I am still wondering when they’ll sleep through the night though. For now, I want to enjoy that part when they are very mommy dependent. Sometimes it’s a struggle while sometimes I like the feel of them being clingy with me. 

I have an established milk supply. ‪I pump an average of 25-30oz milk a day. It never changes even with or without galactagogues or if I pump in 2 hour or 4 hour intervals. I sometimes forgot to take my malunggay capsules and my milk supply is still the same. For twin babies, 20-30oz is just their usual milk consumption a day so I barely had any extra stash in my freezer. I try to squeeze in an extra pumping sesh during weekends so I can add a few bags. I have found the secret of just using reusable storage bottles within the week. I only use disposable bags for Friday’s pumped milk to be frozen over the weekend. All those milk I pumped for weekdays will be stored in bottles ready for use the next day. The yayas don’t have to thaw since they just need to put the bottle in a bowl of warm water to warm it up. Less trash, less effort and more time for other tasks. 

The twins nurse within 3-4 hours interval during the day. Since milk is still their source of nutrition, they still need at least 25oz/day. When they sleep longer during their nap, I try to pump to empty my breasts and for extra milk in the ref. They enjoy eating solids, it just varies. They really are fraternal as they like different type of foods. For example, Naya loves sweet potato while Nate hates it. Then Nate loves papaya while Naya hates it. But whatever the other twin eats, the other twin eats it too. It’s just that one twin eats more than the other. So far, I don’t see any problem with their weight. Naya looks chubbier but they have the same weight. Nate has a leaner body type and he’s also taller than Naya. They have been very healthy since day 1 and we plan to keep it that way. Health is wealth!

Oh, and did I mention that they can now use walkers? My father kept the used walker that my nephew Seppe used years ago. When we saw that they can now stand on the walker, he bought another one for the other twin. At least we can do other tasks now when they’re busy in their walkers, we just have to monitor where they go around the house. Yup, I guess its time to childproof the house. 

I love their expressions when they see us after a whole day out at work. Their smiles just lifts the stress away. Iba pala talaga ang feeling. We also installed a living room camera so I can monitor how they’re doing during the day. I purchased Cleverdog for this, its only 1950 for a wifi camera and I can check this in my phone whenever I want as long as I have Internet. So far, I have witnessed how my yayas respond to their cries especially kapag sabag sila and how they handle the situation. I am very lucky to have caring yayas. Since we have two, masakit sa budget but worth it as we need extra help around the house. 

The twins are fun to bring along when we go out. And yes, whenever we go out, our hatchback gives us a reminder that we need a bigger car. Their huge stroller just take up the whole trunk! Well, time will tell when we’ll have a budget for that. I am praying for either an MUX or a Fortuner – whichever comes first. Hahaha.

I know exciting times are still to come. I can’t wait but also, a bit emotional at times because babies really grow up fast. Ganun pala talaga yun. Haaay. 😍