What I Hate About Breastfeeding

Yes, breastfed babies are the healthiest. It is without question the most safe and most recommended milk for babies 6 months and below. But just to be honest and clear, even if I had a smooth breastfeeding journey, I would be lying if there are things that I don’t hate about it.

Breastfed babies are too independent with their mothers because they have the boob. Mothers often feel guilty about leaving the house because babies tend to get too attached to their mothers. They’d either cry when left with the yayas or won’t drink milk from the bottle. Some mothers even get depressed because of it. Breastfeeding mothers are put in a lot of pressure. They always say that it takes a lot of patience and perseverance to succeed in breastfeeding.

Right now, the twins are at the stage where they rely on the boob when sleeping at night. Sometimes, even during their nap times. Because they are too dependent with the boob, I can’t put them down to sleep without tandem feeding. Gone are the days when one twin latches first, my husband gets to rock that twin to sleep, and then I’d get to latch the other twin until he fell asleep. They don’t want to be rocked to sleep anymore that my husband feels like he no longer has a purpose. He feels useless at times. I always have to remind him that he isn’t.

Just like tonight, we started tandem feeding by 6.30pm and it was only at 8pm when they really felt sleepy. I was so tired already because they keep latching, then playing, then latch again, then play again, and then cry some, and then latch again. It felt like a never ending cycle. Their energy at this age is soooo uncomparable.

Yes, a huge struggle of a breastfeeding momma. And at this time, I think I needed some wine. 😪