The Twins Are Walking

It took 14 months before the twins started walking on their own. A lot of people warned us that it would get harder once they start walking but for us as parents, it was waaaay easier. It was difficult when they were still learning how to walk. During that phase, they have to hold your hand all the time so they won’t fall. But now, all we have to do was sit, look and observe. I think that was how our cradle roll experience was today at church. Less energy needed because they can now both play on their own.

On their 14th month, we also had a challenge in our parenting journey as yaya Joy left our home to return back to her province. Hence, our yaya Kristy was left alone on taking care of our twins. We are so lucky and blessed that Nayj’s tita is also home to help us. Though Nate and Naya are less fragile now, we appreciate how yaya Kristy has been exerting twice the effort at home as our all around yaya. She even helped us on finding Joy’s replacement and hopefully, she’ll be here already by second week of February. We recently moved to my parents’ house in Metrogate Silang as we currently have our kitchen and master’s bedroom renovated. We are already in our third week and the twins have grown a lot. Their sleep during the night was getting longer (yaaaas!). And oh my, they’ve grown so much physically. I can’t carry them a lot longer nowadays. I get so tired easily. I bought them cute angel harness backpacks which would be very useful once they start walking uncontrollably on their own. Sabi nga nila, mahirap magbantay ng dalawang batang naglalakad tapos magkaiba ng direksyon. And so I found a way to have that less of a problem. Aren’t they the cutest? Also, they are starting to use their hands and their own spoon while eating. We also tried teaching them to drink using a straw. So our next project would be: Rubber Plate Mats and Straw Sippy Cups! I dread the next phase though: potty training! We haven’t started yet but I am already getting scared even just thinking about it. Hahaha.I super adore my time with them. I have been on nightshift for the longest time that I remember. And because I sleep in the day, I usually hear their screams and their tatatatas and papapapas downstairs and I always keep myself from getting up and play with them. That’s why I always look forward to weekends and getting out of the house and taking them to places. You see the excitement and happiness in their eyes and it makes me feel a lot happier too. The twins are now walking and its a reminder that kids really grow up fast and we should enjoy them while they are still kids. Minsan lang sila bata. Sooner or later makikita mo nalang nagsschool na sila. Whyyyy… I am already thinking of how we should celebrate their birthday this year. Any ideas? (They’re turning 2 na OMG).