Breastfeeding After A Year

So after a year of breastfeeding, what has changed?

1. The twins always latch whenever they see me. Seriously, they think I’m a huge milk bottle. And nowadays, they prefer to tandem latch rather than latch after the other finishes. Yes, they are that impatient. So when one sees his/her twin is latching, they felt that they need to latch also even if they really aren’t hungry for feeding.

2. Tandem breastfeeding is tiring. Now that they are a year old, breastfeeding means uncomfortable positions. The baby may either be lying down, sitting up, nakadapa or even nakatuwad. And they get their hands everywhere! Seriously, I feel like I just finished a boxing match after tandem breastfeeding both of them. Although the pro here is that, less feeding time because they usually finish around at the same time.

3. Less pumping session. I had to force myself to have less pumping sessions because our new office building wouldn’t allow mothers to bring and pump on their desks. We have to pump inside the office lactation rooms now which is two floors down. With the nature and criticality of our work, I find the need of going down every 2-3 hours tiring and time-consuming. So instead of 3-4 times pumping sesh, I have reduced it to twice a day instead. My milk output has reduced to 3-4 4oz bottles from 6 4oz bottles. But that is okay, I think we have the same demand anyway from my twins.

4. Our buffer milk is now Nido 1-3 years old. I think most of 90s kids are laking Nido so we opted to try this instead of other brands. It’s cheaper too and since its just buffer milk, why not? Nate usually consumes this though. Naya prefers my milk over any other milk. #breastmilkislife

5. I no longer bring my pump whenever I go out without a baby in tow. I prefer to just pump at home instead of bringing along my huge cooler bag everywhere. I only bring it if I would be spending a day out for longer than 6 hours – like work or spending time overnight.

6. We have graduated from baby bazaars. Baby bazaars are huge for new moms. Mostly, this is where we see products that we only find online. So mothers find time to attend such to cut down on shipping expenses. Plus, its a one stop shop for everything. Nowadays, I feel like the twins already have everything they needed – breastfeeding-wise. Except for, clothes!

7. We have graduated from “X months” marked clothes to “2T”. Oh, how time flies! The twins are officially toddlers now. Well, this isn’t really related to breastfeeding but I feel like sharing as its another milestone for us.

If you ask me, I don’t know when I would stop. However, I am thinking if I should have a cutoff when they turn 2. Compared to just waiting for one baby to wean on their own, twins are so different. Seriously, you’d even tell yourself “my katawang lupa is soooo tired”. But let’s see, I am always open for change anyway.


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