Celebrating Birthdays as a Parent

Before I became a parent, my birthday was always celebrated with either hanging out with friends for a drink, a dinner or a videoke, or a sleepover, or maybe a staycation with my boyfriend. However, once I became a mother, priorities changed. Birthdays is still about taking the twins out to celebrate.

On my 31st birthday, (yes, I am 31!), we went to our go-to birthday lunch place at “The Morning After”. We went to Kidzoona right after to check out the rates. I am not sure if the twins would like it there or if it’s too early for them to try out play places like that. So we only took the twins there for 90 minutes. Everyone who enters Kidzoona are required to have socks so good thing both the twins are wearing one, only the adults aren’t! Their socks are only 30 pesos each though.

By the way, I didn’t expect to enjoy the place as much as the twins did. My favorite was the ballpit area, it was huge! I think Kidzoona in Nuvali Solenad was the biggest. Here are the twins enjoying their play. I wasn’t able to take photos of the other areas as I was busy looking out for them. Guess what, Nate enjoyed playing in the kitchen play area (is he gonna be a Chef someday? We’ll never know!) And then Naya was the one who enjoyed roaming around the whole area trying all the different things. I think they even forgot to do their afternoon nap because they were busy playing!

And because the twins were tired, both of them were passed out in the car on our way home. That’s how we celebrate birthdays now, how about you? Has it changed when you became a parent?

Oh before I forgot, Nayj suggested we go out and watch a movie on the eve of my birthday because he said we need to still have an “us” time. However, we cancelled the plans and decided to watch Never Not Love You last Monday instead. For those who have been following me on Twitter and Instagram, you know I loved the movie. And for someone who has been in a long relationship before getting married (11 years before we wed), it is very relatable, or for those who experienced growing apart or growing together in a relationship. You guys should watch it.